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We're always trying to foresee the future a bit here at TPB. One of the things that we really know is that we as a society will always share. Digital communication has made that a lot easier and will continue to do so. And after the internets evolutionized data to go from analog to digital, it's time for the next step.

Today most data is born digitally. It's not about the transition from analog to digital anymore. We don't talk about how to rip anything without losing quality since we make perfect 1 to 1 digital copies of things. Music, movies, books, all come from the digital sphere. But we're physical people and we need objects to touch sometimes as well!

We believe that the next step in copying will be made from digital form into physical form. It will be physical objects. Or as we decided to call them: Physibles. Data objects that are able (and feasible) to become physical. We believe that things like three dimensional printers, scanners and such are just the first step. We believe that in the nearby future you will print your spare parts for your vehicles. You will download your sneakers within 20 years.

The benefit to society is huge. No more shipping huge amount of products around the world. No more shipping the broken products back. No more child labour. We'll be able to print food for hungry people. We'll be able to share not only a recipe, but the full meal. We'll be able to actually copy that floppy, if we needed one.

We believe that the future of sharing is about physible data. We're thinking of temporarily renaming ourselves to The Product Bay - but we had no graphical artist around to make a logo. In the future, we'll download one.

Posted 01-23 2012 by WinstonQ2038


#1. stevekasian - 01-23 2012
Hi Mom!
#2. deithe - 01-23 2012
hmmm, too early for an april fools thing, not too sure what this is, stupid either way lol
#3. short998 - 01-23 2012
The only reason why this will not work or be allowed by government is it will severely impact the consumption of fuel. Gas, oil, battery power etc will be in such low demand, the prices for them for everyone will become unaffordably high, then fizzle out of existence. Oil companies will not allow that to happen. Good luck with your dream though, it's an amazing imagination and concept.
#4. m172226 - 01-23 2012
#5. anduril45 - 01-23 2012
you wouldn't download a car would you? FUCK YOU i WOULD IF I COULD!!!!!!!

take what you want because a pirate is free.
#6. manhide - 01-23 2012
#7. ak4201 - 01-23 2012
Could I print a girlfriend?
#8. haleq - 01-23 2012
if this happened it would completely destroy the way the world works as suddenly very few items would have any actual value, causing untold carnage
#9. FRITZBox - 01-23 2012
You wouldn't download a car.

Well, at least you wouldn't multiply fish and bread.
#10. xenoFLASH - 01-23 2012
I would dl a car. Pizza and beer, too.
#11. lasivian - 01-23 2012
It didn't take long for the first "infringing physible" to pop up either.

This is definitely a sign of things (no pun intended) to come. I'm very curious to see where this goes.
#12. anakuper - 01-23 2012
unless the 3d printer cheaper and more accurate, it might just a seedling. But its a good start!
#13. fault3 - 01-23 2012
#14. Seksiboi - 01-23 2012
Some assembly required but a cool idea nonetheless.

...whoever thought of the category must be trippin' something fierce though.
#15. Zen_Bud - 01-23 2012
I want a new wife is it possible ;)

Please seed it.... LoL
#16. blacksidex6 - 01-23 2012
Hello!!!I want a car...Please÷)
#17. blacksidex6 - 01-23 2012
Just kidding! I think that's great, starting the future...÷)
#18. ianislavus - 01-23 2012
#19. haveaquestion - 01-23 2012
Anyone get it Product Bay, is this another way pirate bay is selling out or something???
#20. vgreen666 - 01-23 2012
Make sure you guys keep seeding the downloadable women.
#21. Sheepfancier - 01-23 2012
Check out The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson (book) for a study of a world where such devices work. Or Transmetropolitan (comic) for a funnier version.
#22. tharun_vt - 01-23 2012
Could I print a new GF !!
#23. tblatt - 01-23 2012
check out what I made, in honor of the new Physibles section:
#24. XsynfulX - 01-23 2012
I'm glad this wealth of knowledge is available to me, because these formats can change peoples lives. where knowledge is communal and we support the creators for those worth supporting, and some peoples twists can go real sharp, but thanks for being neutral and fighting for that neutrality and the RIGHT to HAVE that neutrality. One that the US can not infringe upon.

i recommend this as a tutorial.

this service could include car computers, cell phones, mobile 4g service providers, ... many good idea's! keep it going guys! great work!

#25. TheTess - 01-24 2012
I need your help The Pirate Bay! My "Unsinkable Ship!"

Investigate Chris Dodd and the MPAA for bribery after he publicly admited to bribing politicans to pass legislation.

718 Signatures needed by February 20, 2012 to reach goal of 25,000
Total signatures on this petition 24,282.

We are almost there!

"TPBGirl" on twitter
#26. aeuinz - 01-24 2012
Please can someone tell me an alternative way about file sharing, now that all of these sites are closed because of "their" absurde censure??
file sharing and torrents work hand in hand , i'm not feeling i betray my affection for using pirate bay here lol
thx for continuing to sail against the storm.
#27. nowandever29tpb - 01-24 2012
Really? So you think that the replicator from Star Trek is around the corner? I think you're WAAAY too early.

Current 3D printers use ink made of the material they are printing. Want a food? First you have to liquify it, and figure out a way for the printer to harden it after it is squirted through the printhead. Want a plastic part? Same thing (they use UV hardened resins for this reason in 3D printers).

So if you want to be able to make everything from metal car parts to rubber & leather sneakers to food, you have to have liquid versions of EVERY INGREDIENT to make them.

The replicator on Trek, on the other hand, did molecular assembly - it combined the basic elements (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon...) together to make any element (except Trilithium, for some silly reason). We have nothing like that today, except in nuclear labs, and there is no way it will be available to any of us in the next 50 years or so.

I really, really hope TPB is around for another 50 years to see the benefit of this
#28. Creativelabtwente - 01-24 2012
This is awesome! I'm currently starting up my business for 3D printing!

( if you are interested).

TPB you made my day! :D
#29. alanxy - 01-24 2012
this comment form reminds me at a pastbin
#30. Buildatron_3D_Printers - 01-25 2012
What a great development! This is the next step that needed to happen and we are glad to see it started here at the Pirate Bay!

We have been working hard to create the software and hardware at Buildatron Systems to make low cost and highly functional 3D printers for home hobbyists, gamers, small businesses and educational institutions. Our work is creating the fabrication tools they will need to make the next great revolution possible.

Our Buildatron 2 3D Printer is one of the lowest priced fully assembled machine with custom precision software at $2500 and DIY kits at $1600. It is one of highest quality machines on the market (80 microns layer resolution and going lower) and can compete with $20-50k machines in many ways.

The sharing and selling of digital models is something we have been trying to develop on our own and it will be necessary for the industry to move forward and gain dominance in the future.

With the Buildatron 2 we offer manufacturing freedom and we hope this stays a reality f
#31. Buildatron_3D_Printers - 01-25 2012
for everyone's sake. At this point, our 3D printers can print anything you want, it is pretty great and with SOPA dead, at this point, this just might be the case forever!

If you are interested in seeing the Buildatron 2 3D printer check it out here at or at

Also, download our logo stl file... the 12th item uploaded to the awesome Physibles section!

Buildatron Systems

Build a Revolution!
#32. Vanethor - 01-25 2012
You sir, just made my day. : ]

That wich you're talking about, it's a big step torwards the future and the evolution of humanity. Free share of resources, not only digital, but physical.

The moment when everyone is given everything they need, when schematics don't stay closed behind corporate safes, the moment when no one can have the grip of the product industry, and that power goes to the people and enables the progress of a intelectual and humane management of resources,
#33. Vanethor - 01-25 2012'll be the moment when greed ceases to exist, and humanity takes that big step, torwards a new era of our own species. : D
#34. Vanethor - 01-25 2012
See Charlie Chaplin great speech, and Michio Kaku talking about civilization types...
#35. Spurge42 - 01-25 2012
So much potential! Still a way off, but this will be huge!
#36. bry68 - 01-25 2012
bro's this is pretty f'n cool
#37. boobcat - 01-25 2012
#38. gunbogun - 01-25 2012
#39. illkillU - 01-25 2012
TPB 4 LIFE !!!!
#40. vermonth - 01-25 2012
wow pro-active,,,,,,,,,,,,, long live tbp!!!
#41. Bazzatron - 01-25 2012
This is just like thingiverse, files that can be printed with 3D printers or makerbots, thanks TPB, you lead the way ^_^
#42. vampiresRsolame - 01-26 2012
#43. alaaoo - 01-26 2012
Well, I don't think physical printer is possible in near future. On the other hand, physical 3D simulation is the possible thing that would spread soon. Like when you are surfing the internet and found some nice t-shirt or pan, you could virtually be able to try those clothes over your body.
Also, this will be applied to be driven virtually over high speed highways or rugged terrains. A doctor in USA giving a lecture in Damascus University in Syria is possible. You can imagine a lot of applications for 3D physical simulation.
#44. SuperStar3000 - 01-27 2012
What ever that Physible stuff you're smoking - I WANT to download some !!! Right NOW !!!
#45. SuperStar3000 - 01-27 2012
Building specialty products, rare replacement parts, and even tools and guns from downloadable media, is not such a far-fetched idea. There is a machine which will carve wood, plastic and plaster, which could then be used as molds for plastic or metal casting:

#46. Colourform - 01-27 2012
#47. thedilf - 01-27 2012
I just heard about this a few days ago, it's a really neat concept and I hope that within the next few years it really gets big that way the printers get cheaper :)
#48. kenasona - 01-27 2012
This will help on a few projects I've been dreaming of..
#49. incitatux - 01-27 2012
Arduino yes it´s the future...ok, wait It´s present and #43 you actually can make a 3-d printer with arduino and not necessary to be a little wozniak to do it,It´s pretty easy. also you can buy one and download any open source creation of any designer that you can find in the web.
#50. incitatux - 01-27 2012
and then, print a girlfriend
#51. orgamecha - 01-28 2012
can we get some realdoll physibles going
#52. Imansensi - 01-28 2012
I just hope it will be applicable to porn
#53. catfly - 01-28 2012
Great! Of course we need this category! Or we will need it, soon. Fantastic.
#54. Sharangir - 01-28 2012
Funny how all the capitalists in here are whining about how this would be impossible due to energy consumption and devaluation of certain things. First of all, you are a pirate, why are you complaining about the devaluation of things? That's the way forward! This profit based society is exactly what is holding back technological advancement for the betterment of mankind.

And second of all, there wont be MORE energy consumption, because huge industrial monsters will not be producing when everybody is able to produce things themselves on a small-scale.
#55. zain500 - 01-29 2012
Great i will download me 72 virgins :P
#56. fbaleman - 01-30 2012
Está bien hacer prospecciones sobre lo futurible, despierta la creatividad y pone en marcha conciencias.
#57. jakeadoms1 - 01-30 2012
E40 & too short & Mac Dre, please. thx
#58. TherionXD - 01-31 2012
maybe I can print a 3D printer to print!
#59. blamotoys2 - 02-01 2012
#60. Mr.E.Mann - 02-01 2012
Most people would call you crazy. I call you visionaries. It takes guts to say things like this aloud. I've thought about this myself, once, but dismissed it as too unrealistic. But that was a couple of years ago. My scope has expanded since then, and this might actually be possible. If you could figure out a way to manipulate sub-atomic matter, this would be easy. And by the time we figure out how to do that, we would have cleaner, more powerful, energy sources, so that wouldn't be a problem either. For those who aren't into sci-fi, it means gluing together electrons, protons, and neutrons to form different substances at will.
Now tell me: how many of you did I just put to sleep?
#61. Mr.E.Mann - 02-01 2012
Most people would call you crazy. I call you visionaries. It takes guts to say things like this aloud. I've thought about this myself, once, but dismissed it as too unrealistic. But that was a couple of years ago. My scope has expanded since then, and this might actually be possible. If you could figure out a way to manipulate sub-atomic matter, this would be easy. And by the time we figure out how to do that, we would have cleaner, more powerful energy sources, so that wouldn't be a problem either. For those who aren't into sci-fi, it means gluing together electrons, protons, and neutrons to form different substances at will.
Now tell me: how many of you did I just put to sleep?
#62. deathbymarblz - 02-02 2012
I just dont think you this shit is possible... at least not any time soon (at least 50 years!) you can't create sometihng out of nothing. you would either need a printer that can somehow be able to create all of these things by somehow accomplishing just that... maybe what Mr.E.Mann says is true, that these printers could somehow be able to manipulate sub-atomic matter but once again, i doubt that we will have the technology to ever make something like that any time soon and even if we did, i dont even want to begin to imagine how much it would cost...
#63. frintjohn - 02-03 2012
3d bio-printing is and has been in the lab for some time now. Organovo. haha. we would have part of our bodies fathered by the computer but we our selves are the father of the computer. cant wait to hear the new portmanteaus and lingo that comes from this new tech.
#64. Dipper926 - 02-03 2012
I think it is impossible, but I'll be damned if it's not amazing. Hell, it wouldn't matter if the printer was cheap or not. Get a friend to print a printer, and you print your friends printers. Need a comp? Print one. Want a house? Print one. Want a clone of Erica Campbell? Print one. There is NOTHING that is not obtainable, yet it is all pointless because the economy has crashed. Yet the world may even be flooded with trillions of printers, the world's population would be self sustaining from these printers. Print your food, print your power, your clothing your transport. The world could live without need, ever again. Never will there be need. So perhaps it is not pointless after all...
#65. Dipper926 - 02-03 2012

That is some deep philosophical shit there.
We fathered the computer, yet it can father us.
Which came first, the computer or the human being.
Are we real or a copy?

I think the deepest question you can ask at this point is, "How many gigabytes are in my arm?"
#66. Dipper926 - 02-03 2012
Sorry for spam/repeated posting, I have one final question to say then I am finished.

"How many gigs you got in that cock, Daddy?"
#67. ironymon - 02-03 2012
That's the whole point.. no goverments = no power = no wars = no one would need to steal or KILL you could just download a brainless human body and kill it.. repeat 1000 steps.
#68. ironymon - 02-03 2012
The only problem would be, to make something, you gotta take it from some place else.. in this case, Where those atoms electrons and all that bullshit comes from, it can't be infinite in just 1 cubic meter. U take it and a black hole appears and eats whole planet so.. this science fiction is reality in 500 years.
#69. clorf01 - 02-03 2012
I just hope people won't start downloading guns.

I can just see it already, a sad depressed teen decides to end to end his life, but can't find a quick or "easy" way to do it, but here's TPB with an unlimited plethora of firearms.

It's a hair raising thought...
#70. jolle747 - 02-05 2012
Who wouldn't steal a car if they knew they wouldn't get caught?
#71. bravefreak1995 - 02-05 2012
copy money too? : )

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